The space technology you can see


Orionspace Pty Ltd is a new Australian satellite company which provides products and supports for nano and small satellites. Our core technical team has participated in a several successfully launched satellite missions in the EU and China.

Company’s focus is primarily on innovative solutions for nano-satellites, our products cover electronic, mechanical and attitude control subsystems, we have also designed a series of miniaturised satellite payloads including remote sensing, radiation monitoring, and communication systems. A satellite education system is under development for introducing our satellite-based technology to younger students.

Orionspace Pty Ltd’s target is to engage with the growing market for nano-satellites, expanding the utility of satellite technology by our innovative products.


Orionspace Main Bus System “NAO 1c”

Our highly integrated “NAO 1c” main bus unit can provide you with a reliable, convenient and accessible control for your mission, it is designed for on-board computer (OBC), attitude determination & control system (ADCS) and also communication system (COMM) for nano-satellites. The fundamental design concept of “NAO 1c” system is based on accessibility & flexibility, different switchable and selectable modules such as GPS module, attitude and environment sensing modules are ready to be integrated to “NAO 1c” according to mission requirements.

“NAO 1c” system is based on an advanced low power ARM 32-bit Cortex M4 CPU; it is ideal for the missions which have limited resources. The integration requirement is minimized by our engineers, so you can just grab it and launch!

Key features:

  • 48-MHz system clock
  • RTC (real time clock)
  • TiRTOS operating system
  • 128 MB of external NOR-flash for mission data storage
  • External interfaces: I2C, UART, GPIO/ADC
  • CSP and CSP KISS protocol support
  • Mass: 51 g (without addition modules)
  • Firmware update while in orbit
  • Switchable communication and sensing modules.

Orionspace Electrical Power Supply System “Ori-EPS 3c”

Our electrical power system “Ori-EPS 3c” can provide a safe and stable power supply with optimized power point tracking. It is also a security monitoring system for satellite housekeeping, “Ori-EPS 3c” can detect microcontroller and subsystem malfunctions and automatically switch to self-protection mode.

“Ori-EPS 3c” employs high efficiency boost-converters for charging the in-built lithium-ion batteries, the maximum power output of “Ori-EPS 3c” is 35W with controllable channels.

Key features:

  • Voltage and current monitoring
  • Balanced Battery charging system
  • Thermal monitor and control
  • External interfaces: I2C, UART, GPIO
  • Battery Under-voltage, Over-voltage, Over-current protection
  • Remove-Before-Flight Debugging and Kill Switch
  • Watch dog (I2C, CSP)
  • Selectable battery pack: 2 cells 12000mAh or 4 cells 24000mAh
  • Mass: 253 306g
  • Swatchable regulated outputs : 3.3 V and 5 V
  • 3 MPPT converters

Orionspace Magnetorquer “Ori-MT P”

Our magnetorquer “Ori-MT P” for attitude control is a revolutionary design, it employs a three axis magnetic system. “Ori-MT P” magnetorquer does not require constant power input since the desired magnetic field is created by permanent magnets. “Ori-MT P” is superior in satellite detumbling and coarse attitude control at extremely low power consumption.

Key features:

  • Temperature and magnetic field sensors
  • High torque at low power consumption
  • 3 axis attitude control

Orionspace Reaction Wheel System “Ori-RW 20D”

“Ori-RW 20D” reaction wheel is a dual actuator active attitude control system; it employs a DC motor and an ultrasonic piezoelectric motor, the precise low speed ultrasonic motor can be installed for extra high pointing accuracy control. “Ori-RW 20D” is an essential system for the missions which require a pointed payload such as laser communication and remote sensing.

Key features:

  • Nominal angular momentum: 0.000136 kg.m/s
  • Nominal speed 5000 RPM
  • Voltage input: 5V
  • Nominal power consumption: 1.2W
  • Mass: 59g
  • Single axis, 3-axis or tetrahedral redundant configuration
  • Selectable secondary ultrasonic piezoelectric motor system

Orionspace Remote sensing camera “Ori-Spectra 2000”

“Ori-Spectra 2000” system employs a modified lens to maximize remote sensing performance, it is compatible with any satellite platform which is larger than a 3 Unit Cubesat. “Ori-Spetra 2000” provides a long physical focal range up to 2000mm, this compact design allows nano-satellites to participate in more remote sensing missions.

Key features:

  • Effective pixels: 16.0 million
  • Focal length: up to 2000mm (35mm format)
  • Mass: 979g
  • Pass launch vehicle vibration test
  • Orionspace main bus system compatible